Fields of application
Process management
Management of row materials, process, supply water, cycling water and boiler water ect.
Wastewater management
Check of effluent wastewater, operational management of wastewater treating machines, early detection of troubled equipments in the factories, for guidances and controls on wastewater management.
Drinking water check
Check of well water, simple tap water, resevoir water, confirmation of sterelization, drinking water check during natural calamities or outdoor activites, drinking water check on the farm.
Culture fishery management
Water check in fishponds, supplying water check at aquariums etc, management of fish preserve and fish transportation.
Enviromental investigation
Water inspection of rivers, lakes, ponds etc, investigation on the distribution of pollution, pursuit of pollution origins, investigation of acid rain and hot springs, enviromental investigation in the overseas.
Educational materials
For practices of the enviromental education fron elementary schools to universities, for scientific experiment, reasearches and investigations, for food check.
Management of the feeding solution in hyopponics, check of supply water in agriculture.
Pre-check before the precise analysis, detection of poison, check of swimming pool water.

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